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USAID is helping the new country of South Sudan build toward a peaceful, prosperous future
Timothy McKulka/USAID

The magnitude of the humanitarian, social and political crisis spurred by the violence that erupted in December 2013 has drastically changed the context for development in South Sudan.  In response, USAID increased its humanitarian assistance and conducted a thorough review of its development portfolio to determine how USAID can best help meet the needs of the people of South Sudan.   

As a result, USAID is redirecting its assistance to help build the foundation for a more stable and socially cohesive South Sudan by promoting recovery through community-led response, delivery of critical services and increased focus on disaster preparedness and risk reduction, by enabling lasting peace at both the national and community levels, and by protecting the hard-fought development gains that were achieved during and since the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. USAID will continue to work through the United Nations and non-governmental organization partners to deliver assistance, while working with or through Government of the Republic of South Sudan entities only to the extent necessary to ensure effective implementation of our development programs, particularly in health and education, or to protect investments in systems of transparent public financial management, and when government systems equitably benefit South Sudanese people.


Last updated: September 23, 2016

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