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Working in Crises and Conflict

Conflict Mitigation and Prevention

To increase stability, we encourage government, civil society, and community members to work together, jointly planning and implementing projects that quickly and visibly improve lives.  With USAID support, strategic planning workshops are held that help focus and guide the process at the local level. Somali communities choose projects and participate in them; the community is active from bidding, to construction, to the final evaluation of the project. By planning and building these projects together, communities strengthen ties to promote peace and deliver needed local services.

Humanitarian Assistance

While conditions in Somalia have improved since 2011 when a drought and subsequent famine crippled more than half the country, over two million Somalis remain in need of humanitarian assistance to cope with the effects of conflict, recurrent natural disasters, and economic challenges.  USAID is working with partners to provide food aid, increase access to safe drinking water, build sanitation facilities, and improve primary health services.  USAID also supports programs that strengthen livelihoods and local economies, enabling people to meet their basic needs. Our humanitarian work aims not only to save lives, but to build resilience in communities so they can recover faster and better withstand the next crisis.

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Last updated: November 10, 2015

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