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Transforming Lives

Fatuma in her grocery kiosk

In response to the considerable needs, USAID is partnering with NGOs and international organizations to implement flexible, cash-based food assistance programs that reach food insecure Somalis, particularly those displaced internally. 

Somali Youth Present: My Mogadishu

Through USAID’s Transition Initiatives for Stabilization project, more than 20 young Somalis captured the city’s rebirth with a photography project they named My Mogadishu. Youth used cameras to capture daily life: exchanging money at a street bureau, buying charcoal in a local market.

"To talk is to reconcile" in Aynabo

When Somaliland’s local council elections sparked protests in the winter of 2012-2013, government representatives, women and young people used the new Aynabo community hall to discuss conflict resolution.

USAID links legislators and constituents online

As legislation in Somaliland thrives through increased constituent and legislator dialogue, everyone can follow the progress on www.somalilandparliament.net. Since the launch of the website in early 2013, staff have seen a steadily growing stream of visitors to the site, according to the non-profit International Republican Institute, which implemented the project with assistance from USAID. The site is part of comprehensive USAID support to elections, parliament and government responsiveness across Somaliland.

Sleeves Rolled Up, Somalia’s Parliament Is in Action

Somalia's new parliament, formed in August 2012, provides for two chambers--the upper house, which is pending formation, and the lower house--or House of the People, the country's national legislative body.


Last updated: October 26, 2016

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