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June 13, 2016

The Transition Initiatives for Stabilization Plus (TIS+) activity aims to increase Somalia’s stability through participatory processes that promote good governance and community cohesion.  Given the fragile nature of the political and security gains made over the last few years in Somalia, TIS+ will maintain a continued focus on quick impact stabilization activities at the district and community levels, with a focus on targeted areas in the newly emerging states.  At the same time, TIS+ will support Somalia’s goal of moving from crisis response and stabilization to medium and longer-term development by facilitating joint planning between community, government and private sector actors on shared goals.

June 13, 2016

The Growth, Enterprise, Employment and Livelihoods (GEEL) program promotes inclusive economic growth throughout Somalia. Through GEEL, USAID will accelerate Somalia’s growing integration into the global economy through a combination of initiatives that improve the country’s competiveness; spur new investments; and increase market linkages and business partnerships. This program will boost Somali exports of quality agriculture, fish, and non-pastoral livestock products; reduce reliance on inputs; and increase jobs in regions recovering from years of conflict and recent natural disasters.

April 6, 2016

GEEL is designed to promote inclusive economic growth throughout Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland through activities that address challenges and opportunities that are common among multiple sectors and initiatives that affect key industries, particularly agriculture, fisheries, and renewable energy.  The program builds the capacity of internal investors as well as the Somali diaspora eager to invest in business opportunities, and prioritizes opportunities in industries likely to attract women and youth who have been marginalized from pursuing economic opportunities.

October 19, 2015

USAID’s Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS) activity seeks to increase confidence in all levels of government through targeted, strategic interventions that improve service delivery and government responsiveness.  Through TIS, Somali government institutions, the private sector, and civil society collaborate to design, evaluate, and deliver projects with a quick and lasting impact on the lives of Somali citizens in critical risk areas.

October 19, 2015

USAID’s Strengthening Somali Governance (SSG) is a nationwide activity to support the development of effective and accountable governance across Somalia. SSG supports efforts to enhance government outreach, increase citizen participation, improve the functional capacity of key government institutions, and expand women’s empowerment and leadership.  SSG seeks to develop the capacity of governance institutions at the federal level and in Somaliland and Puntland.


Last updated: February 15, 2018

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