Strengthening Somali Governance

Funding Level:

$22.8 million

September 2014 – September 2017

Activity Goals:

  • Improve the legislative, representative, and oversight functions of Somalia’s federal and state governments
  • Improve the ability of targeted government institutions to perform essential functions
  • Increase citizen awareness of and engagement in government decision-making
Implementing Partner
Key Partners:
The President’s Office, the Prime Minister’s Office, Capacity Development Directorate, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information, Somaliland Parliament, Puntland Parliament, and the House of the People
Activity Locations:
Nationwide: Somaliland, Puntland, and South Central

USAID’s Strengthening Somali Governance (SSG) is a nationwide activity to support the development of effective and accountable governance across Somalia. With a focus on delivering credible political processes envisioned under the Federal Government of Somalia’s Vision 2016 roadmap, SSG will support efforts to enhance government outreach, increase citizen participation, improve the functional capacity of key government institutions, and expand women’s empowerment and leadership. SSG will also seek to develop the capacity of governance institutions in Somaliland and Puntland, as well as newly-emerging states and interim authorities, given their critical role in Somalia’s political future. 

SSG works collaboratively with state and national parliaments of Somalia, key ministries and commissions, financial accountability and planning systems, and civil society to support the creation of strong and credible democratic institutions in Somalia.

At the Federal level, SSG will support parliamentarians and government officials to deliberate on, amend, draft, and enact key pieces of legislation necessary to deliver the Vision 2016 agenda, and will support key institutions created to manage these processes, such as the National Independent Elections Commission. In addition, SSG will seek to improve the administrative capabilities of government staff and/or civil servants to develop policies, effectively coordinate government systems, and efficiently manage daily operations. At the regional and state level, SSG will seek to strengthen the capability of governing institutions to transparently deliver services, manage finances, and meaningfully participate in critical state-building processes.

Throughout the project, SSG will engage civil society and the media to increase citizen’s awareness of these key processes, government structures and activities, and the roles and responsibilities of elected officials to ensure greater transparency and engagement.

SSG began in late September 2014 and initiated project activities in November 2014.

With support from the SSG activity, USAID anticipates that the Federal Parliament will be able to draft and amend key legislation such as the National Independent Commission Law, the Political Parties Act, the Citizenship Law, the Electoral Law, and the Procurement Law. In addition, the Federal Parliament will be able to effectively support oversight committees in providing guidance to the Constitutional Commissions, the National Independent Electoral Commission, and the Federal Borders and Boundaries Commission.

By supporting regional and federal parliaments and key ministries to carry out their essential day-to-day functions, USAID anticipates that SSG will increase government effectiveness and citizen and civil society participation in government decisions. The activity will assist members of parliament to expand their engagement with constituents through town hall meetings and information sharing sessions. In addition, SSG will help civil society actors – with a focus on women – to deepen their involvement in key political processes, such as the constitution referendum and elections.

USAID Contacts:
Tyler Beckelman, Director
Tel: +254 20 862 2834

Leslie Schafer
Governance Team Leader
Tel: +254 708 984 146

Strengthening Somali Governance:
Michael Sinclair
Chief of Party


Last updated: May 18, 2015

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