Bringing Unity, Integrity and Legitimacy to Democracy (BUILD) Somalia


While the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is actively working to create more inclusive political institutions and systems, few citizens have participated in a direct election in their lifetimes. In late 2016, Somalia conducted an indirect electoral process where 14,000 delegates voted for MPs, who then voted for a new president who was sworn in on February 2017. For the upcoming 2020 elections, the FGS has committed to conducting one-person-one-vote elections.


Implemented countrywide, Bringing Unity, Integrity and Legitimacy to Democracy (BUILD) works with a range of Somali institutions and organizations to: 1) encourage citizen participation in political and electoral processes; 2) improve the media’s capacity to cover and disseminate information on these processes; 3) develop government’s capacity to conduct credible elections and political processes; and 4) support political parties to become more competitive, inclusive and representative.


In Somalia, USAID is supporting the planned 2020 one-person, one-vote elections by assisting the National Independent Election Commission (NIEC) to fulfill their mandate.  BUILD is supporting the NIEC on strategic planning, operational management and knowledge management.   BUILD is also providing expertise on the development of electoral systems and management of electoral processes in federal systems via workshops for the NIEC and other key stakeholders.   

BUILD is helping political associations and newly-formed political parties understand the requirements to register as political parties - a brand new process in Somalia.  BUILD supports political parties in understanding their role in peaceful and inclusive political processes, strengthens their internal capacity to compete in democratic elections, and develops issue-based platforms that engage citizens

To support civic education in Somalia, BUILD is currently training youth groups on key principles of good governance, democracy and federalism. BUILD also issues small grants to Somali organizations to strengthen and expand existing civil society networks and support voter education to citizens on key political processes and laws.

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