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Solicitation 72052221R10003 - USAID Development Program Specialist (Economic Growth Backstop/Economist/Donor Coordinator)

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The USAID Development Program Specialist (EG Backstop/Economist/Donor Coordinator), in coordination with other USAID staff, the U.S. Embassy, USAID/Washington, implementing partners, and other donors, provides substantive technical leadership on development economics and economic policy to achieve broad-based economic growth for all USAID/Honduras sector areas. The incumbent is a major contributor to USAID strategy documents such as the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) and to USAID inputs to U.S. Embassy strategy documents such as the Integrated Country Strategy. As such, she/he is expected to provide a full range of consultative, advisory, information-gathering, analytical, and evaluative technical services of broad scope and complexity, including expert research, analysis, and reports on macroeconomic conditions in Honduras (historical, current, and projected), and development areas where USAID operates (trade, economic growth, environment, education, food security, democracy and governance, and citizen security) or is considering operating; develop and keep up-to-date economic briefing materials relevant to USAID's activities in Honduras; and advise or recommend courses of action on the Honduran economic and financial situation and policies to senior USAID and Embassy leadership, thereby contributing to the achievement of USAID and Country Team goals and objectives.

Provides overall conceptual guidance to the Mission’s Economic Growth Office regarding strategy, program, and activities, and guides the design, implementation, and monitoring of this sector. Engages host country counterparts, implementing partners, and other donors in high-level discussions on issues related to goals of USAID’s economic growth, agriculture, and environment objectives in Honduras.

Takes the lead role in donor coordination and engagement, where he/she/they will be asked to work closely with bilateral donors and multilateral development agencies and banks in order to contribute to and enhance engagement with donor activities, seeking to influence and maximize leveraging of funding from other donors.

The position is located in the Program Office (PO) and reports directly to the Program Office Director or his/her/their designee.

Last updated: June 07, 2021

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