Transforming Lives

Every day, all over the world, USAID brings peace to those who endure violence, health to those who struggle with sickness, and prosperity to those who live in poverty. It is these individuals — these uncounted thousands of lives — that are the true measure of USAID’s successes and the true face of USAID's programs.

Thousands of primary school teachers in Kosovo are learning how to instruct their students more effectively and to rapidly determine if the lessons are being absorbed.

Local media in Central Asia are hungry for tools and strategies that will allow them to continue to operate and even thrive in a less-than-optimal advertising market and difficult financial conditions. The recession in Russia has led hundreds of thousands of Central Asian labor migrants to return to their homes, causing a severe drop in remittances, which make up a sizable portion of GDP in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in particular. In addition, regional media agencies face a range of other challenges including insufficient strategic and financial planning skills, trouble retaining professional staff due to low salaries, and lack of reliable audience metrics to attract advertisers. Moreover, the 2015 transition from analog to digital broadcasting remains problematic for most media outlets in the region. Many of them cannot afford to purchase the new equipment they need to produce and broadcast digital content, nor to pay the fees charged by the companies that control access to the digital broadcasting spectrum. In some cases, legal and regulatory obstacles may prevent stations from gaining access to broadcasting frequencies.

Like many other women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan, Gulzat Tuleeva was able to fulfill her dream of starting a business only after her children were old enough. She launched her hotel business in 2013 when she was 36 years old and had four children with the eldest being already 15. Gulzat’s 12 room guesthouse, Adamkaly (Good Luck), is conveniently placed along the main road in Kochkor city, mountainous Naryn province in central Kyrgyzstan. The year-round guests are mostly business travelers from local businesses, banks, and government agencies. From May through October, Gulzat’s guesthouse also caters to local and international tourists.


The Kyrgyz Republic has the most vibrant and diverse civil society in Central Asia. The Government is introducing a social procurement system to directly fund civil society organizations (CSOs) as effective public service providers. At the same time, USAID’s Collaborative Governance Program has worked in parallel to improve the expertise of CSOs through nonprofit management (NPM) education.  This initiative responds to the need within the CSO community for better NPM education so that CSOs can improve the quality of social services, conduct research in support of decision-making, and more effectively advocate for citizens’ needs.

Государственное агентство по геологии и минеральным ресурсам Кыргызской Республики является органом, который отвечает за реализацию государственной политики в сфере добычи полезных ископаемых, регулирует вопросы лицензирования, геологоразведочных работ, проводит конкурсы и тендеры. Агентство также отвечает за информирование местных сообществ об изменениях законодательства и процедур.Несмотря на широкий перечень обязанностей, агентству не хватало возможностей для построения эффективного взаимодействия между всеми заинтересованными сторонами, что,  в свою очередь, приводило  к конфликтам между горнодобывающими компаниями и местными жителями. Все это негативно влияло на темпы производства и снижало привлекательность сектора для инвесторов.


У Віктора*, 44-річного  споживача наркотиків з України  -  довга історія наркотичної залежності, яка час від часу супроводжувалася перебуванням у місцях позбавлення волі.

10 năm trước, khi Nguyễn Thọ ra đời tại thành phố Đà Nẵng, cậu bé được chẩn đoán mắc bệnh bại não – một tình trạng bẩm sinh do não phát triển không bình thường ảnh hưởng đến sự phối hợp và vận động cơ bắp. Bại não không đe dọa đến tính mạng nhưng là tình trạng vĩnh viễn khó xử lý, đặc biệt với các gia đình nghèo.

Solar Sister is a social enterprise supported by USAID that recruits and trains women entrepreneurs to sell affordable solar lighting and related green products such as mobile phone chargers and fuel efficient cook stoves. By emphasizing partnership, the organization has created an extensive network of private, public and individual donors that provide ongoing support to new entrepreneurs.

Viktorija Penova was born with fibrodyspasia ossificans progressiva, a rare health condition that significantly restricts her mobility. When she became old enough to enroll in the local primary school, there were no accommodations for physically disabled students, and her parents weren’t certain their daughter would be able to attend. That their otherwise bright and capable child might not get an education was a very real possibility.


Last updated: September 30, 2015