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Integrating Public Engagement and Economic Development

In 2013, the country’s overall unemployment rate was greater than 20 percent, with youth unemployment exceeding 50 percent. Labor law restricted workplace flexibility, hiring procedures, and employment policies, leading businesses to stay out of the market and creating barriers for job creation. Yet, much of the Serbian population was uninformed about the key problems in the labor market, and some interested parties—such as trade and labor unions—feared that reforms would disrupt business and employment.

Young Entrepreneurs Open Opportunities in Serbia

The unemployment rate for Serbian youth currently stands at nearly 50 percent countrywide. But they are starting to chart a new course in the technology sector that may change that figure.

Youth Horticulture Startups Make First Sales

The program is designed to reduce the time and cost of establishing youth farm startups and help small producers increase their profits by diversifying their agricultural products. A majority of farmers in the region concentrate on grains, which bring less revenue per hectare than vegetables.


Last updated: July 21, 2021

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