USAID and European Movement Revealed Findings of Gray Book of Public Services

USAID and European Movement Revealed Findings of Gray Book of Public Services
Conference at the Metropol hotel in Belgrade
USAID Serbia

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Belgrade – On April 25, 2018, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the European Movement in Serbia released the Gray Book of Public Services. The Gray Book contains research findings about Serbia’s public services and recommendations for improving their quality, efficiency and accessibility. The book is one of the results of the USAID-funded Partnership for Good Governance activity, which was implemented by the European Movement in Serbia and the Center for European Policy.

Public administration reform is one of the key areas in EU accession negotiations. More importantly, it is a precondition for improving the quality of life for the citizens of Serbia.

"When we talk about public administration, we are talking about the doctor that treats our elderly mothers, the pre-school teachers that care for our children, and the offices that issue us drivers licenses, passports, and other documents necessary to function in the modern world. Public administration is the face of the government to its people--the primary way citizens understand and interact with the state," said USAID Mission Director Azza El-Abd. "That is why it is essential that public administration functions in a way that is responsive and accountable to citizens for the quality of services it delivers with taxpayer money. While this project has found many bright spots in government service delivery in Serbia, there is always room for improvement."

Following opening remarks by Branko Ružić, Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government; Azza El-Abd, USAID Mission Director, Suzana Grubješić, Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia and Milena Lazarević, Program Director, Center for European Policy - representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development joined the keynote speakers for a public discussion on the recommendations to improve public services in Serbia.

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