USAID and UNDP Open Reconstructed Kindergarten in Basaid, Kikinda

USAID and UNDP Open Reconstructed Kindergarten in Basaid, Kikinda
Kindergarten in Basaid, Kikinda
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Monday, October 2, 2017

BASAID, KIKINDA – On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, the U.S. government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) officially inaugurated the renovated “Maslačak” Kindergarten in the village of Basaid in the Kikinda municipality. The kindergarten has begun normal operations and will be used for events benefiting both local and migrant children.

The activity replaced the school’s joinery, floors, bathrooms, and plumbing; painted the school’s walls; reconstructed the building’s facade; and provided furniture. The total cost of the renovations is estimated to be $39,935. The local government contributed an additional $5,000 to help paint the walls and make other repairs.

"All children, regardless of where they are from, deserve a decent place to learn and grow. That is why USAID is proud to have supported the renovation of this facility," said Jeffrey Scarin, Deputy Director of USAID's Office of Democracy and Economic Growth. "In addition to providing kindergarten classes, the Kikinda Youth Office and Civil Society Organizations will use this facility to provide migrant and local children with opportunities to play and learn together in a safe and secure environment." 

The renovations are part of USAID’s $1.3 million Enhancing Local Resilience to the Migration Crisis activity, which is implemented by UNDP.  The activity helps improve public services and infrastructure in Serbian municipalities affected by the migrant crisis.  The improvements help the communities cope with the effects of the crisis and benefit both the local population and the refugees.   

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