Happy Honey Seals Deal to Export to United States

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Darko Mandić, owner of Happy Honey, at the 2018 Belgrade Food Show, organized by USAID and the Association for the promotion of Serbian food.
USAID Serbia

Happy Honey, the producer of high-quality, flavored, raw honey, is the first Serbian food brand to be sold in hundreds of Cost Plus World Market (World Market) stores across the United States.

With the support of USAID, Happy Honey and other Serbian premium food producers attended the 2018 Fancy Food Show in New York, where they met international distributors and buyers.

The cheerful honey jars quickly caught the attention of World Market representatives. After three months of negotiations, Happy Honey signed a contract with World Market, and in December 2018, it shipped the first two containers of cocoa, ginger, and raspberry flavored honey jars to distribution centers in Stockton, California, and Windsor, Virginia.

World Market is a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond, a Fortune 500 American chain of merchandise retail stores. Happy Honey is one of a select, few products from Southeast Europe that can be found on World Market shelves.

Following their successful participation at the 2018 Fancy Food Show, 5 other Serbian companies were able to enter 8 international markets.

USAID continues to promote innovative, high-quality, premium food products and facilitate partnerships with domestic and international buyers, retailers and distributors.

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