Support to Media Reforms project


The Support to Media Reforms activity is a 30-month, $445,000 activity to support the creation of a sustainable regulatory environment for media development and for the further digitalization of society in an inclusive, sustainable and safe manner. The activity was developed in response to an agreement between the  Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Government of Serbia, which entrusted the OSCE with a key role in ensuring that Serbia’s ongoing media reforms are implemented in line with best international and European standards and in ensuring and supporting freedom of expression and media freedoms.


  • Contributing to the effective development of media reforms by providing technical assistance to public authorities and regulators in policy and legislative development
  • Ensuring the effective implementation of media and media-related legislation through capacity development of state institutions and independent regulators
  • Supporting the further digital transition of society through support for policy development, public outreach and capacity development of relevant state institutions in order to assist new media development and the development of new media business models

Expected results:

  • Serbian regulatory framework improved to meet the needs of citizens and media, including in the digital environment.
  • Capacities of relevant bodies to implement media reforms increased, e.g. Republic Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL), Republic Body for Electronic Media (REM), etc.
  • State institutions and the media are able to adapt to the EU digital single market framework which removes barriers to cross-border e-commerce and access to online content while increasing consumer protection.

Project funded by:


Project implemented by:

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – Mission to Serbia

Key counterparts:

Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Independent regulatory agencies and media stakeholders

Where we work:


Project duration:

April 2019 – December 2021

Total Amount:



OSCE-Mission to Serbia, Španskih boraca 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.

Last updated: July 24, 2020

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