Framework for Giving Project

Framework for Giving Project
The traditional annual Our Belgrade corporate volunteering event is dedicated to corporate volunteering and fostering community engagement.


The Framework for Giving Activity broadens and strengthens philanthropy and charitable giving in Serbia.  The activity focuses on deepening cross-sector partnerships, improves the legal and policy framework to make giving easier and more transparent, and increases public awareness of philanthropy efforts in Serbia.


  • Supports research and data collection related to philanthropic giving, private sector and diaspora engagement, and cost-benefit analysis of different policy solutions and best practices
  • Improves the legal and policy framework which incentivizes the development of efficient and transparent giving
  • Expands a transparent culture of giving, volunteering and engagement among citizens, companies, and non-profits
  • Removes obstacles to philanthropic giving, such as, unclear tax regulations, lack of official data on giving and reporting standards, limited payment mechanisms
  • Tests and pilots innovative mechanisms for resource mobilization which includes the development of local endowments, a venture philanthropy fund, community cards, and advancement of online crowdfunding


  • Instituted an annual National Day of Giving in Serbia which highlights the importance and impact of philanthropy
  • Supported the formation of a Council for Philanthropy within the Prime Minister’s cabinet
  • Conducted and presented research on public opinion on philanthropy in Serbia and diaspora
  • Created cost-benefit analysis for increasing non-taxable amounts for scholarships, and the VAT exemption for in-kind donations by legal entities
  • Launched the “Really Important” community card, an innovative fundraising tool and customer loyalty card that connects citizens, civil society, and local
  • Supported Council for Philanthropy, working groups that develop legal framework for food surplus donations, corporate giving, individual giving, and criteria for VAT relief for individual donations
  • Promoted individual and corporate philanthropy through annual VIRTUS awards for philanthropy
  • Promoted the crowdfunding platform through organizing the National Day of Giving and Race of Goodness campaigns in partnership with Belgrade Marathon

Project funded by:

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Serbia)

Project implemented by:

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation in collaboration with: Trag Foundation, Catalyst Foundation, Smart Kolektiv, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Serbian Philanthropy Forum (SPF), Responsible Business Forum (RBF)

Key counterparts:

Government of Serbia, private sector, civil society sector, media

Where we work:


Total amount:


Project duration:

April 2018 until January 2022


Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation

Ilije Garašanina 53a/7

11120 Beograd

Telefoni: +381 11 3341755


Last updated: September 30, 2019

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