USAID Rule of Law Project


The USAID Rule of Law (ROL) project is a four-year, $9.8 million project supporting justice sector reforms that enhance the timely delivery of justice for Serbian citizens.  The project works with the courts, public enforcement agents and the State Attorney’s Office to increase judicial efficiency, transparency and access to justice.


The project supports the strategic advancement of Serbia’s judicial reform process.  This support includes assistance with the development of Serbia’s new National Judicial Reform Strategy.  In addition, the project supports a range of initiatives to improve court operations, reduce delays in court proceedings and increase public confidence in the work of the courts. This includes: greater utilization of E-justice tools; more efficient delivery of court documents to reduce trial delays; streamlined court administration; and supporting the work and career path of judicial assistants.

ROL promotes judicial transparency and accountability by supporting the efforts of judicial actors to proactively communicate with citizens through accurate performance reporting and outreach efforts.

The project works with court enforcement departments and public enforcement officers to ensure that civil and commercial court decisions are executed in a timely, fair and transparent manner.

ROL also supports the State Attorney’s Office to improve the legal advice and guidance provided to government bodies, reduce the level of litigation in which the state engages, and improve Serbia’s representation before the European Court of Human Rights.  As a result, Serbian citizens with complaints against the State will receive decisions more quickly and the overall costs to the tax payer related to litigation against the State will be reduced.


  • Expanded usage and data sources for the Judicial Information System (PIS) has led to significant savings in administrative time and costs;
  • Settlement guidelines for cases in breach of right to trial within reasonable time have been adopted by State Attorney’s Office, Ministry of Justice, High Court Council and Judicial Academy, which will enable the efficient settlement of these cases with citizens;
  • Draft assessment of the current National Judicial Reform Strategy completed;
  • Draft communication strategy for High Court Council and the courts completed;
  • Appellate Courts’ 2017 Annual Reports have been re-designed for easier public consumption and presented to the general public;
  • Rule book for the High Court Council’s Ethics Board adopted; 
  • Stakeholder consensus reached on amendments to the Law on Enforcement;
  • Stakeholder consensus reached on a systemic solution for service of process and court fees.

Project funded by:

United States Agency for International Development; USAID/Serbia

Project implemented by:

Development Professionals, Inc.; Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc; Alterfact Consulting; and Four Digits Consulting

Key counterparts:

Ministry of Justice; High Court Council; Supreme Court of Cassation; State Attorney’s Office; and Public Enforcement Officers.

Where we work:


Total amount:


Project duration:

July 2017- July 2021


Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 28,

11000 Belgrade



Last updated: April 04, 2019

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