USG Look to Expand Municipal Innovative Tax Collection Program in Senegal

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USAID Senegal Democracy Office Director Mark Wilson (centre) with Cheikh Ndiaye from the office of Accounting and Public Treasury (right)
USAID Senegal Democracy Office Director Mark Wilson (centre) with Cheikh Ndiaye from the office of Accounting and Public Treasury (right)
J Rios Little, USAID

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The United States Government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated computer equipment to expand the automatization of municipal tax collection via YTAX.  This program is currently being piloted in Tambacounda, Kédougou, Kolda, and Sédhiou regions (south-east) to make tax collection operations more efficient and transparent.

The equipment handover ceremony took place on September 14 at the General Directorate of Public Accounting of the Treasury (DGCPT) in Dakar. Senior USAID officials and representatives from the central and local governments were present. Research Triangle Institute (RTI), USAID’s partner implementing the USAID Local Governance for Development (USAID/GoLD) project which supports the tax collection system, and RTI sub-grantees were also represented.

USAID/GoLD has invested over 20 million FCFA in equipment and technical support for the implementation of this pilot system. YTAX, which is used by municipal authorities to collect taxes online, has already proven to be very effective. The collection rates increased by 218% in Tanaff (Sédhiou region), 169% in Kédougou, and 259% in Koumpentoum (Tambacounda region) in the first three months of testing.

The tax collection efforts have offset the program investment as it collected 24 million FCFA in the first three quarters. “Due to the success of the pilot project we are providing this computer donation to the DGCPT as a means to test the program at the central level and begin to explore possibilities for its expansion into other municipalities,” said Mr. Mark Wilson,  representing the  USAID Senegal mission.

With access to computers, officers at the municipal level have learned how to collect taxes electronically. Under an open government initiative, citizens can more easily track how funds are spent by the local government and how they translate into concrete community services.

Sidy Traore, Mayor of Koumpentoum states that "the YTAX tool gives us more control and transparency on the taxes collected daily. We are able to track the tax collection operations in the field more efficiently. This is a notable advancement.”

USAID supports reforms that promote political and social stability, efficient management of public resources, and a citizen-centered approach to governance. The YTAX program is boosting the Government of Senegal’s capacity to improve the implementation of public spending, strengthen oversight mechanisms, and facilitate public participation in the budget process.

This year, USAID is celebrating its 60th anniversary of partnership with Senegal. This month’s 60th anniversary theme is “Democracy and Stable Societies,” which highlights how USAID has worked with the government, civil society organizations, and communities to improve on democracy and governance issues.  This handover event provides a concrete example of the agency’s work over the last six decades providing critical support to Senegal’s development challenges and opportunities to strengthen its governance and democracy.


Last updated: October 22, 2021

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