Bridge: Technical Approach Working Paper -Sahel Region

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Bridge represents an innovative project idea that explicitly and intentionally aims activities at the nexus of countering violent extremism and resilience. It also directly aligns with the current U.S. National Security Strategy focus on reducing violent extremist threats in Africa. In addition, the Bridge approach aligns to the National Security Strategy priority imperative to partner with governments, civil society, and regional organizations to end enduring violent conflicts. A reduction to these security threats will help countries in the Sahel develop their capacity as U.S. strategic economic partners and may also reduce the spread of insecurity and illegal migration to the U.S. 

This is a USAID West Africa Regional Mission’s Regional Peace and Governance Office (RPGO) and USAID Senegal’s Sahel Regional Office (SRO) joint strategy and shared results framework for addressing the identified drivers of violent extremism in the Sahel with traditional, shorter-term counter violent extremism (CVE) programming as well as an explicit emphasis on addressing key development/resilience factors. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 9:00am

Last updated: July 08, 2020