Women Learn How To Talk To Govt

The women of Kushk Rabat-e Sangi district at the communications training course
The women of Kushk Rabat-e Sangi district at the communications training course
Women in a remote rural district of Herat learn how to send the right message to the local authorities
Farida Azizi says she is determined to use her newly honed communications skills to improve the reality of women’s lives in Kushk Rabat-e Sangi, a rural district in western Afghanistan. At least some of her resolve stems from the training she has received in effective ways to communicate with the local authorities.
Farida was one of 40 women chosen for the course, which is supported by USAID’s Stability In Key Areas (SIKA) – West program. The women learnt the benefits of communicating the community’s needs to government officials and the different ways to deliver a clear message.
Women in Kushk Rabat-e Sangi, which is in a remote part of Herat province, have little access to education, health and other social services. Till now, there seemed little hope that they would ever be able to summon up the courage – and the skills – to ask for what they needed. But, now they have four communications champions – Farida and three others were picked out from among the trainees – who will receive additional instruction on developing a master plan that prioritizes the community’s needs.
“Communications is a bridge between the people and the government”, says Farida, “I hope we will now be able to talk to the government (particularly) in order to bring more health services to our community.”

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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