USAID Project Inspires City Cleaning Campaign

Taloqan residents joined their Major in the cleanup of business areas after Eid festivities
Taloqan residents joined their Major in the cleanup of business areas after Eid festivities
After a USAID project cleaned up the residential areas, the municipality organized a cleaning campaign of business areas
Municipal officials in Taloqan, Takhar Province, have enthusiastically embraced the responsibility to keep their city clean, following a trash collection project supported by USAID. For three days starting on August 27, 2012, the municipality funded and organized a cleaning campaign for the city’s market and business areas, and mobilized over 300 citizens, civil society members, and business owners to join in.
The Administrative Manager of the Taloqan Municipality, Sultan Ghawsi, said that the campaign was inspired by the door-to-door trash collection project that was selected by the municipality and funded by USAID through the RAMP UP North program. The project provided equipment and three months of seed funding for the municipal service, and then handed over activities to municipal control in May 2012. “The trash collection project has cleaned up the residential areas, and we decided to also clean up the business areas and markets following Ramadan and the Eid celebrations,” said Mr. Ghawsi.
 “We had great participation from civil society leaders, and even local TV stations contributed by airing announcements and providing trucks to carry banners and advertisements,” said Farid Nikpor, a RAMP UP North advisor embedded with the Taloqan Municipality.
TV journalists were doing more than just announce the effort. They also helped clean the areas. “We wanted to raise awareness about the importance of a clean city. The Mayor himself was collecting trash bags and loading them into trucks, and when local shopkeepers and residents saw this, everyone came to help out,” said Atiqullah, Director of the local TV station.  “The trash collection project was only three months long, but that was enough to teach people how to manage their trash and to establish a trash collection system. Because of that project, the municipality is still providing trash collection services and now my neighborhood looks a lot cleaner,” added Khal Mohammad, a member of the Service Delivery Advisory Group that works with the municipality on the design and implementation of USAID-funded municipal projects.

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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