Tunnel Opens Opportunities for Truckers

Tunnel Opens Opportunities for Truckers
USAID helps rebuild and maintain 2.6 mile-long Salang Tunnel in Afghanistan
"If the tunnel is open and the road is good, my income will go higher and the whole world will be happy. Then I will have no headache."
Before the reopening of the Salang Tunnel, the road between the Afghan capital Kabul through the towering Hindu Kush mountains to Mazar-e-Sharif was nearly impassable in winter. Without a rail system, landlocked Afghanistan is dependent on its roads and airports to bring in food, commercial goods, fuel, and other necessities from outside the country.
During the winter months, keeping the 2.6 mile-long Salang Tunnel and forty-two miles of road at its northern and southern approaches cleared of avalanches and open to traffic is a daunting but vital task. funded a project that reopened the tunnel, and provided an additional $1.6 million to clear snow, make emergency repairs, and manage the tunnel traffic during the winter.

Last updated: December 30, 2014

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