Tirin Kot Turns Sewage Into Profit

Tirin Kot’s wastewater treatment plant will become the national standard
Tirin Kot’s wastewater treatment plant will become the national standard
Afghanistan’s only functioning municipal wastewater treatment plant has improved sanitation and become a source of revenue
CHALLENGE    Sewage management is one of Afghanistan’s biggest environmental and health challenges. Currently, sewage from homes, businesses and industrial sites is discharged directly into the streets and local waterways. Most municipalities have limited or no treatment capacity and so the sewage inevitably enters the groundwater, contaminating wells and spreading disease.
INITIATIVE    USAID’s Regional Afghan Municipalities Program for Urban Populations (RAMP UP) − South partnered with the municipal authority and other international agencies to improve sanitation in Tirin Kot in southern Afghanistan. Technical assistance was provided to a new wastewater treatment plant. RAMP UP – South continues to provide managerial oversight.
RESULTS    Tirin Kot is the only Afghan municipality with an operational wastewater treatment facility. The plant has improved sanitation in the area and become an important source of revenue for the municipal authority. It treats sewage for the local Afghan National Army base, which brings in at least $10,000 a month. This covers plant maintenance costs and pays for a sewage tanker to collect waste in Tirin Kot. Mohammed Baheer, director-general of the Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation says, “The Tirin Kot facility will be the national standard …an example for others to follow…it is simple to operate, requires no power or other major infrastructure support.”

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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