Shopkeeper Thanks America for New Life

Shopkeeper Thanks America for New Life
USAID rebuilds Shahidan Market in Afghanistan and revitalizes a community
"Those of us who had to run are coming back, and we see this new market you have helped us start and we feel hopeful. As long as America is with us, we will start our new lives."
The Shahidan Market was destroyed by the Taliban as they fled the region in late 2001. What remained were rows of burned-out business stalls. USAID helped to bring new life into the bazaar through the provision of materials and labor for rebuilding the market. Just a few months after USAID provided help, these newly-opened shops were full of brightly colored scarves, plastic boots, and sweaters from Pakistan. He believes that more merchants will return. Afghan shopkeepers who have returned express their appreciation for USAID assistance.

Last updated: December 30, 2014

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