Resolving Conflict In Changing Times

Government officials and elders in Laghman province at the workshop
Government officials and elders in Laghman province at the workshop
An Afghan community is roiled by social change as many more women than ever before seek to study or work outside the home
When a hundred provincial government officials and elders assembled in Laghman in eastern Afghanistan, they were conscious of the sensitiveness and importance of their mission. It was their task to keep the peace in a community increasingly roiled by social change. Many families across the province were deeply disapproving of attempts by their wives and daughters to study or find work outside the home.
The community was traditionally prone to turn to elders and those in authority for counsel, so Laghman’s Information and Cultural Directorate lobbied the provincial governor to organize a conflict resolution workshop that would give officials the skills to defuse trouble swiftly and with tact. The governor agreed and dipped into funding provided by USAID for such initiatives.
The workshop, which included the university’s administrative officials and staff from the office of the district attorney, discussed issues related to women’s education and employment and ways to mediate family disputes.

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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