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A training session underway
A training session underway
Much hope is invested in a program that concentrates on Afghanistan’s small but burgeoning private sector
Zoya Hemat is a client assistant at a private bank in Kabul. Till recently, says the 22-year-old, she was acutely aware that she lacked the skills to deal with any and every problem that came up in the workday. “I was only equipped to handle some of the clients, the rest I had to refer to my senior colleagues,” she says.
No longer. Zoya was picked to take part in a special training program that focuses on developing the competence and capability of private sector workers in line with their employers’ requirements.
The training, supported by USAID’s Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP), concentrates on the needs of the country’s small but burgeoning private sector. The program gives grants to providers of business, technical and vocational education. The grantees are required to create bespoke courses for workers in line with the needs articulated by their private sector employers.
The scheme has been well received.
“Finally, a program that targets the needs of private sector companies. Until now, all interventions invested in the workers’ not employers’ needs. (But this program) creates a supply of labor that contributes to the growth of key economic sectors throughout Afghanistan,” said a manager at Moby Group, one of Afghanistan’s largest media companies.
Zoya says that the training has helped her grow in professional competence. “After attending the project management training, I no longer need to rely on my supervisors. I am capable of managing my time and skills in a much better way than before.”

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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