ONE Moms Visit Ethiopia to See Development Assistance in Action

ONE Moms together in Ethiopia. ONE Moms in Ethiopia.
ONE Moms together in Ethiopia. ONE Moms in Ethiopia.
“There is so much life and joy here, but from a healthcare perspective, there’s very little infrastructure for basic services,” said Asha Dornfest, the Portland-based editor and founder of Parent Hacks. “Once those challenges can be met, and most Ethiopians have access to basic healthcare, people can set their sights beyond survival…What people need is an opportunity to envision a more secure future.”

In October 2012, a dozen ONE Moms visited Ethiopia. During their visit, the moms visited many sites including farms, schools and health clinics sponsored by a number of governmental, international and non profit organizations that are having a transformational impact on the lives of  women, their families and their communities.  

The group visited some projects sponsored by the American people through USAID including nutrition, enterprise development, and HIV&AIDS support. The ONE Moms group included a brain scientist, model, lawyer, middle school principal, authors, bloggers and a hog farmer. Ten MOMs were from the U.S. and two MUMS from the U.K.

The ONE organization is a non-partisan movement of more than three million people taking action around the world to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease by raising public awareness and demanding solutions from their governments.


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Last updated: November 23, 2015

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