New Life for Boy with Bullet in Brain

Mh. Fahim Azim / USAID
Military doctors saved him from death but a USAID program gave this five-year-old new life
Five-year-old Muqadas is lucky to be alive.  He was shot in the head during an insurgent attack on U.S. troops near his village. Though the bullet is still lodged in his brain, Muqadas has made a remarkable recovery thanks to the expert emergency medical treatment provided by the U.S. military and the wraparound after-care provide by USAID’s Afghan Civilian Assistance Program.       
The military doctors saved Muqadas’s life but USAID has given the little boy a new life. After the initial treatment, Muqadas was left partially paralyzed. No one was sure that he would ever be able to lead a normal life again. But the Afghan Civilian Assistance Program paid for Muqadas to have a detailed diagnosis and follow-up treatment at a hospital in Kabul, the Afghan capital.  After just ten days of intensive physiotherapy, Muqadas regained partial use of his right arm and leg.
The doctors in Kabul recommended that Muqadas ride a bicycle and play with a ball to aid his recovery at home in Logar province, on the border with Pakistan.  Now, Muqadas can walk and speak again. His father, says, “Muqadas can stand, run and play like normal children.  Seeing him brings joy and laughter to our family after many tears of sadness.”
The boy's father says the long-term help provided by USAID changed his son’s life. “The foreign soldiers took Muqadas to their hospital for treatment and saved his life but he still had many problems. The Afghan Civilian Assistance Program helped solve these problems.”
The Program, which has helped more than 11,000 families across Afghanistan since 2007, will continue to help his father to earn a living enough to support his family.

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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