Making Dough

Dough mixed by new mixer.
Dough mixed by new mixer.
Dough mixer significantly improved the hygiene of the bread and facilitated dough mixing
By supporting associations, USAID is enabling them to become advocates for the private-sector and render effective services to members and the community.
Most people living in big cities in Afghanistan buy traditional bread on a daily basis that is freshly made by local bakeries. In Hirat, many bakeries still make dough by hand in an unhygienic manner, leading to poor and inconsistent quality. Using dough mixer machines produces a more consistent product thereby improving quality, and reducing contamination resulting from mixing dough by hand. It also facilitates an increase in daily production by improving efficiency.
USAID supported the Hirat Bakers' Foundation located in Hirat City by providing 44 foundation members with dough mixers.
Ghulam Sakhy, a bakery owner and a recipient said, “In the past we were only selling 3,000 units of bread per day. Now, by providence of this dough mixer, this amount raised to 4,000 per day. Before, we were mixing dough traditionally with our hands, which caused hand aches. One of my employees once faced this problem and the doctor prohibited him from mixing dough. This dough mixer facilitated our work and the important issue is that now we have more hygienic bread, which attracts more buyers.”
This grant helped 44 bakers in the most densely populated areas of Hirat City to improve the quantity and hygienic quality of traditional naan bread produced. Based on the successful pilot of this grant, USAID expanded this grant to include an additional 50 bakeries in the Hirat region.

Last updated: January 12, 2015

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