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Kandahar municipality’s newly recruited engineers survey a site in Kandahar City
Kandahar municipality’s newly recruited engineers survey a site in Kandahar City
Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan, set out to recruit with a view to becoming more effective
When Kandahar municipality in southern Afghanistan actively started to spread the word about job opportunities in local government, it was the first step towards becoming more effective. The municipality set out to attract and retain trained staff. With the support of USAID’s Regional Afghan Municipalities Program for Urban Populations (RAMP UP) South, Kandahar developed a training and recruitment scheme. Technical experts trained 12 high school graduates to design and manage municipal construction projects. All the trainees were subsequently recruited by the municipality’s engineering department.
One of them is Abdul Majeed, who describes the training and recruitment process as “very useful”. He says, “We received on-the-job training and practical field experience, which was particularly interesting and challenging. I am excited about the opportunity to continue working in this field.”
Kandahar’s mayor, Muhammad Omar Omar says the new recruits help the municipality function more effectively. Till then, Kandahar, like other Afghan municipalities, found it hard to fill government positions and had to depend on temporary staff without the required knowledge, skills and commitment. Formal hiring strategies and training schemes are currently being developed to attract the right people – and crucially, retain them - for other municipalities, including Kandahar, Lashkar Gah, Qalat, Zaranj, Tirin Kot, and Nili.

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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