Transforming Lives

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Every day, all over the world, USAID brings peace to those who endure violence, health to those who struggle with sickness, and prosperity to those who live in poverty. It is these individuals — these uncounted thousands of lives — that are the true measure of USAID’s successes and the true face of USAID's programs.

Djenabou Camara is a 30-year-old mother of five children and a member of the Nèma Gardeners Association in the prefecture of Boffa in Guinea. She earns most of her money from growing vegetables on a hectare of land allocated to her by the association. She decided to go into petty trade to help support the family.

“You can pay me with your money or your life,” a man from the armed group responded when Luis told him that he couldn’t afford the monthly “protection” fee demanded by the group. When the group murdered his best friend who could also not afford to pay, Luis knew that the threat was serious.

According to the International Labor Organization, Albania ranked first in the world this year in youth unemployment. Youth have expressed discontent with the government for not meeting its obligation to them by effectively implementing the National Action Plan 2015-2020, which was designed “to develop and coordinate cross sectoral policies in education, employment, health, culture and enhance youth participation in social life and decision making processes.”  

A positive attitude and a strong belief that looking back is less useful than looking forward helped Kateryna Kyselyova, a young internally displaced person in Ukraine, not only to move on but changed her life completely. Before her displacement, she worked as a lawyer in Horlivka, Donetsk oblast, and sewing was merely a hobby. “Since the circumstances forced me to reboot my entire life, I decided to change my profession as well!” says Kyselyova.

Since she was a child, Elvira Xhemalaj has been fascinated with nature. She grew up in the Albanian coastal city of Vlore, which is situated along the lush Albanian Riviera between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, separated only by a mountain pass. Growing up surrounded by fauna and flora led her to study biology at a local college.

Рецептот за намаз од мелени печени пиперки, наречен ајвар, има огромна препознатливост на пазарите во поранешна Југославија. Имајки ваков конкурентен производ, се очекува да биде едноставно за „Вори”, - еден од најголемите извозници на ајвар во Македонија - да пристапи до финансиски средства за проширување на производството и зголемување на извозот.

Vasyl Telep has become a driver of change in his community and a role model for other Ukrainian youth. Last year, a youth forum helped him to put his talents to work and realize his vision for greater local prosperity.

Oksana Borodachova, an English teacher from the city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, couldn’t imagine her life without teaching. In 2015, when her family moved from Luhansk to Kharkiv due to conflict in the region, she expected the move to be temporary and that she would return home to her favorite job soon thereafter. But after six months, it became clear that her family would be in Kharkiv longer than initially expected.

The security crisis in the northern and central regions of Mali has greatly affected the regions of Mopti and Timbuktu, forcing banks and microfinance institutions to move further south. As a result, agricultural producers in the regions have found themselves without any financial institutions to finance their inputs.


Last updated: September 20, 2018