Transforming Lives

Every day, all over the world, USAID brings peace to those who endure violence, health to those who struggle with sickness, and prosperity to those who live in poverty. It is these individuals — these uncounted thousands of lives — that are the true measure of USAID’s successes and the true face of USAID's programs.

When Mohammad Saber and Mohammad Asif started Zarnegar, a printing press in Mazari Sharif, it was boom time in the capital of northern Afghanistan’s Balkh province. It was 1999 and Mazari Sharif was rapidly becoming one of Afghanistan’s more important economic hubs. Posters and billboards dotted the city, proof of a flourishing advertising industry.

Тысячи мелких фермеров Ноокатского района сталкиваются одной и той же проблемой каждый год - яблок много, а хорошую цену за них не предлагают. Многим мелким фермерам приходится продавать по низким ценам, потому что им негде хранить и они не знают как обращаться с урожаем. При поддержке USAID они научились правильным технологиям хранения и послеуборочной обработки урожая, что помогло повысить доходы и разнообразие на рынке.

Banorët e Kufcës së Epërme, fshatit më të madh në Komunën e Novobërdës, tani mund të shohin nëpër errësirë. Me instalimin e ndriçimit të ri rrugor me dioda ndriçuese LED – projekt ky i përbashkët i USAID-it dhe komunës – 2000 banorët e fshatit tani mund të udhëtojnë natën shumë më të sigurtë. 

Meštani Gornjeg Kusca, najvećeg sela u opštini Novo Brdo na Kosovu, sada mogu da vide i po mraku. Ugradnjom ulične rasvete sa LED svetlećim diodama – zajednički projekat opštine i USAID-a – 2000 seoskih meštana sada mogu putovati noću mnogo bezbednije. 

The people of Gornje Kuvce/Kufcë e Epërm, the largest village in Kosovo’s Novobërdë /Novo Brdo municipality, can now see in the dark. With the installation of new LED street lights—a joint project between the municipality and USAID—the village’s 2,000 residents can now travel at night much more safely.

Tran Song The, 19, was born into a poor family in Hoa Vang, a rural district of central Vietnam’s Danang province. At birth, he was diagnosed with a congenital deformity. While the condition was not fatal and did not affect his mental development, it caused the muscles and bones in his neck and shoulder to grow abnormally

Three metal boxes painted green, red and blue rest in the laps of three farmers from the rural community of Marchand Dessaline, Haiti, during a caisse communautaire, or community credit union, meeting. Secured with lock and key and entrusted to cashiers, the boxes comprise a system of savings and loans adopted by a growing number of area residents, and signify a new generation of economic opportunities for very low-income populations.

Like many developing countries, the practice is widespread in Ethiopia, even though it is unlawful and punishable. This is particularly so in the Amhara Region where the prevalence is among the highest in the world as reflected in a 2010 Population Council study showing that almost 50 percent of girls were married before the age of 15 and some married as early as age 7.

In a quiet alley in the southern part of the capital city of Hanoi, a man and a woman are seated on small plastic stools, conferring in low tones. The man drinks a glass of tea while the woman pulls out a sheaf of perforated papers—referral slips—and begins filling one out. She hands the slip of paper to her companion and explains its purpose as he sips his drink, nodding.


Last updated: November 13, 2015