Lifelong Learning For Herat Teachers

The new building has modern laboratories
The new building has modern laboratories
A new College of Education has changed the way Herat University trains its teachers
Herat University has expanded its teachers’ training program thanks to a brand new College of Education. In the new building, the university is training teaching instructors. They will be a crucial element of Herat’s attempt to improve education across the province by upgrading the skills and knowledge of its teachers. The instructors being trained at the College of Education will fan out and provide continuing education classes to teachers. They will also certify teachers’ qualifications.
Till the new college, built with USAID support, opened its doors, teachers’ training was just a hope, not a reality. Herat University did not have the space even for undergraduate teaching. It did not have modern laboratories and an administrative wing.
“Till the new building opened, students had to attend classes in three shifts,” explains Juma Hanif, Dean of the College of Education.
But now, teachers’ training is underway and even the undergraduates are ecstatic. Masooma Rezayee says the new building has changed the way she studies. “I can get theoretical knowledge in the class and practical knowledge in the labs.”

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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