Kabul University Gets a Facelift

The new dining facility for men at Kabul University.
The new dining facility for men at Kabul University.
Dining and laundry facilities make life better for university students
Founded in 1931, Kabul University is the oldest and largest institution of higher learning in Afghanistan. The university is recognized internationally and its credentials are renowned but its rich culture, history, and academic excellence have been devastated by decades of wars and instability.
However, Kabul University has been recently experiencing tremendous growth. Today, the number of students hovers around the 10,000 mark, resulting in overcrowding of current facilities. To alleviate this condition a number of new buildings are being constructed. Among them is a men’s dormitory.
Although designed for 800 students, the old dorm held more than 2,400 men. A USAID project renovated and expanded the dorm with new roofing, windows, and doors, and upgraded the electrical, heating, fire suppression, and water supply systems. USAID also provided new furniture and constructed separate dining and laundry facilities.
The new men’s facilities, such as the dining facility building, are major improvements at the university. Making room for the ever-bulging population of students is critical. Enrollment is higher than it has ever been. Mahammad Zamir is attending Kabul University and lives in the new facility. He lived in the old dorm before moving into the new one. “The old dorm was crowded and cold. The new one is very nice and the bedrooms are awesome,” said Mahammad.
Having a more comfortable space to live, study, eat, and do the mundane chores such as laundry, will allow the students a more favorable place to learn. Kabul University has long been a place where scholars flourished. With the new facilities, it is on its way to being that place once again.

Last updated: January 12, 2015

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