Farah’s Women And Joy Of Learning

An outdoor literacy class in Bala Buluk district
An outdoor literacy class in Bala Buluk district
Women are empowered by Pashto literacy classes in a rural district of Afghanistan’s Farah province
The lives of women in five villages in Afghanistan’s Farah province are set to change and it’s all because of Pashto literacy classes. Women like 23-year-old Homira of Gerani village say they already feel empowered.
“I started class because I wanted to learn to read the signboards for doctors and shops”, confesses Homira. But when she finishes the course, she will be able to do much more than that. The course is designed to enable women to read newspapers, community notices and understand the information disseminated by local health providers.
The classes targetted Bala Buluk district, which has one of the lowest literacy levels in Farah province. Just one of every seven women aged 15 to 24 in Farah can read and write.
In partnership with the provincial authorities, USAID’s Stability In Key Areas (SIKA) – West program identified 125 women in Bala Buluk who would benefit from basic literacy classes.
The lessons seem to have awakened the joy of learning in the women. Many say they want to continue to study. Some, like 22-year-old Toorpaki from Shiwan village, even dream of helping others to learn.
“After completing this course I will enroll in a proper school and continue my studies. I want to be a teacher,” says Toorpaki.
Literacy classes are planned for other districts in Farah as well, this time for both men and women.

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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