Educating Afghanistan’s Future Business Leaders

Aimal, a student in the BBA program, conducts research for his marketing class.
Aimal, a student in the BBA program, conducts research for his marketing class.
Business degree program aims to boost entrepreneurship.
Until recently, it was not possible to earn a business degree in Afghanistan.  However, the country’s economic development is dependent upon well-educated young people to open new businesses and manage existing firms.  Business and entrepreneurship education programs are in high demand, and USAID is taking note. 
To educate tomorrow’s business leaders, USAID partnered with Nangarhar Public University (NPU) to design and offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program, which was subsequently accredited by the Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education.  It is the first business degree program offered at a public university in eastern Afghanistan. 
Started as a pilot initiative in 2007, the 24-course program is now open to all students in NPU’s Economics Department.  The courses offered, such as management, accounting, business English, information technology, and human resources management, are designed to train Afghanistan’s aspiring entrepreneurs in modern business practices.
Aimal Naimi, a student in the program, described the business degree initiative as a vital effort that will produce well-educated young entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.  He thanked USAID for its contributions, which enabled NPU to develop the modern business curriculum with faculty qualified to teach it.  
As a 3rd year student, Aimal will graduate with a BBA degree after completing two more semesters.  He appreciates BBA’s engaging and motivating curriculum, saying, “I don’t only have to memorize my lessons, but I also do research, prepare presentations, and study extra books for my classes.  This interactive system is a highly effective way of acquiring the skills needed to succeed in Afghanistan’s emerging private sector.”
USAID supports the BBA program at Nangarhar Public University in recognition of the importance of tomorrow’s business leaders for the development of Afghanistan’s private sector. Currently, there are 80 such leaders from across the country studying as 2009 BBA candidates. 

Last updated: December 30, 2014

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