District Government in a Spotlight

Government officials and community members attend the closing ceremony of the solar panels procurement project
Government officials and community members attend the closing ceremony of the solar panels procurement project
USAID-funded solar panels help GIRoA main-tain control in Ali Abad District.
USAID-funded Community Based Stabilization Grants help connect com-munities in unstable areas to local Af-ghan government entities. Community-government link-ages have led to in-creased cooperation which ensures long term stability in the area.
Kesa Topac Village in Ali Abad District of Kunduz Province was a safe-haven for insurgents in the early post-Taliban years. In 2011, the area was cleared of insurgents through military operations making critical community linkages with the local GIRoA essential if the area is to remain free of insurgent influence.
To help build the linkages between the community and the local government, USAID, through its Community Based Stabilization Grants Project (CBSG), funded five solar panel procurement projects in Ali Abad District. The communities procured 485 solar panel sets, benefiting 4,800 community members. The projects were successfully completed by the communities in close collaboration with the Provincial Line Department of Energy and Water.
“We are thankful for the opportunity to cooperate with our local government. In the future, we are committed to continuing our cooperation with the local government in order to overcome all the challenges and to address other community needs,” – said Shah Sarwar, the Kesa Topac village representative.
The procurement of solar panels ensured community access to a power source and demonstrated the local government’s ability to address community grievances. The projects also demonstrated how challenges can easily be overcome through community-government collaboration. This encourages future community collaboration with the local government, a major step that ensures sustainable stability.
USAID CBSG Project connects communities in unstable areas to local Afghan government entities. Community-government linkages have led to increased cooperation, ensuring long term stability in targeted roject areas.

Last updated: January 12, 2015

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