Disabled Afghans Gain Skills and Vocations

Ghazni PRT Commander Lt. Colonel Wilson Marks and National Disabled Association Director Fazel Haq Sadat Mosa hand a new set of
Ghazni PRT Commander Lt. Colonel Wilson Marks and National Disabled Association Director Fazel Haq Sadat Mosa hand a new set of tools to a vocational training graduate.
USAID and the Ghazni PRT provide tinsmith training to 30 members of the National Disabled Association.
After 30 years of war, many Afghans have been left disabled and unable to find work.  To help them become productive members of society, USAID and the Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) are working with local NGOs to provide vocational training.  With specialized training designed to meet their needs and abilities, disabled men and women are now equipped with job skills that enable them to earn a living and support their families.
In October 2009, 30 members of the National Disabled Association (NDA) of Ghazni completed a 90-day tinsmith vocational training course.  The first USAID-funded training program in Ghazni geared specifically towards disabled students, the course paired instruction with local apprenticeships to facilitate the training-to-work transition.  At the graduation ceremony, each student received a set of tools to help him launch his new career. 
Mohammad Mosa, who is a single amputee, was grateful for the opportunity to participate in a vocational training course geared to people with physical limitations.  “[In the past], the other students felt they couldn’t do anything because they’re disabled,” said Mosa as he looked at his new tools.  “I’ve been waiting for this kind of future.  This is going to be good for the others, to find something for their lives.”
These programs are not designed solely for men.  There are 12 female NDA members waiting to participate in training classes.  “We are hoping to create classes for the women such as computer training and tailoring,” said NDA Director Fazel Haq Sadat Mosa.
Funded by USAID and implemented through the Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Recreation and Rehabilitation, this program was conducted in coordination with the Department of Labor and Social Affairs (DoLSA), trade shuras (councils), and other stakeholders, bringing together local government, civil society, and international organizations.  The Ghazni PRT works with the Department of State and USAID to advance education and vocational training programs, foster effective governance and promote economic growth and development.

Last updated: December 31, 2014

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