Connecting Kosovo’s Communities One Road at a Time

USAID supported road renovations in Čitluk/Çitlluk (Zubin Potok), increasing seniors’ access to health care.
With her grandmother and a playful kitten, 15-month-old Aleksandra, the youngest resident in Čitluk/Çitlluk, Zubin Potok, takes her first steps on the village's new road.
Paved road increases access to health care, education
“There are no mud puddles now, no dirt, and that is very important when you have a child. Also, it is so much easier to drive our car and reach the town now.”

Reliable transportation infrastructure is vital for the economic and social development of a remote community, particularly as it concerns residents’ access to health care and education.

Čitluk/Çitlluk is a remote agrarian village with 200 residents in Kosovo's northern municipality of Zubin Potok. Until recently, members of the community had only a dirt road to use while carrying out daily tasks like working, shopping and other regular appointments. This lack of access to proper transportation was especially problematic for the community’s seniors, who suffered social isolation and difficulty in accessing medical care.

Community leaders reached out to USAID’s Community Action Initiative Program for help paving the 330-meter road.  The community received a $50,000 grant from USAID, and the entire community pitched in to clean the track and prepare it for asphalt.

“Life is so much easier now and the road looks great,” explained Boška Obradović, a 63-year-old Čitluk/Çitlluk resident. “Elderly residents can easily get to the hospital now without having to step in mud puddles.”

“There are no mud puddles now, no dirt, and that is very important when you have a child,” adds her cousin, Radica Obradović, mother of 15-month-old Aleksandra, who took her first steps right on this new road. “This road means a lot to us, and we are very satisfied and grateful—not just my family, but the entire village.” 

USAID's Community Action Initiative Program runs from July 2010 to July 2014. It supports community development and infrastructure rehabilitation in 40 Kosovo communities, builds strong civil society organizations, and improves economic and employment opportunities.

Last updated: January 13, 2016

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