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A volunteer tells a housewife about civic duties and governance
A volunteer tells a housewife about civic duties and governance
A door-to-door campaign in eastern Afghanistan raises awareness about every citizen’s rights and responsibilities
It took just one flyer to get Leyaqat Khan thinking about his rights and responsibilities as a citizen and what he could reasonably expect from the municipal authorities in Jalalabad. His was one of 800 households the city targeted by 50 young volunteers to raise public awareness about local government.
It’s part of a campaign supported by USAID’s Regional Afghan Municipalities for Urban Populations (RAMP UP) East to help bridge the gap between communities and the local authorities.
Just like in Jalalabad, male and female volunteers went door-to-door, fanning out across target districts of Asadabad and Mehterlam, handing out flyers that conveyed the message using words and graphics. They were able to engage even with those who could not read or write.
One Asadabad resident said the pictures helped him understand and support the campaign “even though I am illiterate.”
Meanwhile, Mr Khan said that he planned to ask family, neighbors and friends in Jalalabad to spread the word.

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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