Conflict Mitigation Empowers Women

Conflict Mitigation Training in Baghlan Province
Conflict Mitigation Training in Baghlan Province
USAID recognizes the importance of women’s associative networks in mitigating conflict in Afghanistan
USAID-funded conflict resolution workshops effectively linked women to the Afghan Government.
Years of civil war in Afghanistan and the lack of educational opportunities created a generation of women who are not aware of their basic rights and are thus unable to defend them. USAID Community Based Stabilization Grants Project (CBSG) organized conflict mitigation trainings to address this issue and connect them with their government representatives.
Held in Baghlan Province as a part of the USAID CBSG efforts to build the capacity of an underserved population, the community-initiated conflict resolution trainings were designed to build women’s skills and knowledge of the world around them. The trainings were implemented by three community councils from Shashsad Koti and adjacent villages in Pul-e-Khumri District in close collaboration with the Provincial Line Department of Women’s Affairs.
Conflict mitigation trainings recognize the impact of insurgent activity on women and girls and the trauma they experience  as one of the most vulnerable and powerless members of the community. They also recognize the important role women’s associative networks can play in mitigating conflict.
A total of 240 women attended the one-month trainings in November 2011. Topics covered during the workshops included conflict resolution, peace promotion and security, human rights, violence against women, social justice and drug trafficking. The trainings increased the women’s knowledge and acted as a precursor for social change, improving the quality of life and the relationships amongst communities and the government. 
Ms. Zarifi, the Director of Provincial Department of Women’s Affairs, called the trainings “a strong step towards stability”, emphasizing the role women’s knowledge and awareness can play in  bringing considerable improvements in their daily life.

Last updated: January 12, 2015

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