Community Gets Its First Water System

The children of Montecillos now have access to clean water.
The children of Montecillos now have access to clean water.
USAID/Gabriella Chinchilla

While water and sanitation systems are important to reducing infant mortality rates, they have been deficient throughout much of rural Honduras. But with support from USAID and local partners, they are being intro-duced into 98 Honduran communities from the north coast to the southern region.

Home to 400 people, Montecillos is one community that has benefited from this project. Suffering from the lack of a modern water and sanitation system, community members approached municipality officials to remedy the situation. Working with USAID, the community provided the construction labor, and after several months of work they inaugurated the long-awaited water and sanitation system. The event was observed with a great deal of fanfare, as residents celebrated this milestone in the history of their community.

Since 1960, USAID has supported the government of Honduras in expanding the availability of potable water and sanitation services. As a result of this collaboration, the amount of Hondurans who have access to potable water has risen from 30 percent 1960 to 70 percent today.

Last updated: August 14, 2013

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