Community Builds New School in Goshta

Goshta School after construction; eight classrooms accommodate 364 boys and girls
Goshta School after construction; eight classrooms accommodate 364 boys and girls
USAID helps local community leaders build a new future for their children.
Nestled near the border of Pakistan, Goshta district is a remote, rural district in Nangarhar province.  This mountainous region experiences extreme weather conditions that shape the lifestyles and livelihoods of the local population.  Among those at the mercy of the weather are the children.  Until this summer, the children did not have a proper school building.  They attended classes in tents and in the open air with rocks to mark their classroom boundaries.  As a result of the austere environment, many children did not go to school.
Recognizing the importance of quality facilities and educational opportunities, the local Shura (a community council) met with representatives from the Governor’s office, the Director of Education, USAID, and neighboring tribal leaders to design and construct a school for their children.  In addition to the physical structure, the Shura members established a Parent’s Committee to oversee and maintain the school upon its completion.
Committee members were trained in supervision, needs assessment, conflict mitigation, and curricula quality control.  Members now hold monthly committee meetings to resolve school problems and are responsible for maintaining strong ties with district authorities and the provincial education department.
On July 19, 2008, the school building was completed.  In his remarks at the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Education expressed his delight with the success of the community initiative,   “Goshta School opens the way for our children’s future education and has significantly contributed to mitigating family and social conflicts…in the past our young strolled through the streets, fought and bullied each other. Now they are studying at Goshta School and are busy with school studies.”

Last updated: December 30, 2014

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