Business Skills Can Build Afghanistan

Ahmad Milad Amiri returned to work with new ideas and confidence
Ahmad Milad Amiri returned to work with new ideas and confidence
Financial management training is crucial for the country’s small but growing private sector
Ahmad Milad Amiri enjoyed his job as finance officer at an Afghan information technology company. But he knew he could do better.
A month-long financial management course, supported by USAID’s Afghanistan Workforce Development Program, gave the 20-year-old the chance to update his knowledge and skills.
The course, at the Higher Education Institute of Karwan, taught Amiri how to use the latest accounting software, calculate tax and keep accurate records.
“At university, we only learn about theories and have no idea how to put them into practice,” he says, “this was the first time I received practical training.”
Nearly 150 mid-level finance professionals have completed the course. Most of them report improved performance and prospects.
Amiri says he returned to work with new ideas and confidence. “I suggested three schemes to improve financial management,” he says, “they were welcomed and the company gave me more responsibility and a pay rise.”
Sayed Abdul Shukoor Rohani, coordinator of the Institute, says the training is crucial for Afghanistan’s small but growing private sector. “Finance is the most important department in an organization,” he says.

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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