Building Culverts and Community

Residents appreciate the construction of new culverts, which have eased transportation and reduced flooding.
Residents appreciate the construction of new culverts, which have eased transportation and reduced flooding.
Approximately 5,000 people will benefit from the construction of four culverts in Orya Khil Village in Kabul Province
In Orya Khil Village in Kabul Province, wooden culverts were causing a problem for residents and travelers.  The structures were not sturdy enough to withstand rain, floods, and heavy traffic, leading to muddy and washed-out roads.  Residents were unable to access markets, schools, and government and basic health services, especially during the winter months.  Because the village lies on a widely traveled road to unstable and insecure provinces, it had also turned into an area of insurgent activity.
The strategic location made Orya Khil’s stabilization a high priority for USAID through its Community Based Stabilization Grants (CBSG) project.  In August 2010, CBSG began constructing four culverts in the village that had been requested by the Orya Khil community.
Rahmat Gul, a community elder said, “Before the construction of the culverts, water would flow into the roads making them muddy and impassable for vehicles.  Thanks to USAID, the culverts have made our daily life easier and we will be more comfortable during the coming winter as vehicles will pass easier and people will be able to transport their necessary items with no difficulty.”
“Water was wasted in the roads and [was not directed] to agricultural lands.  This destroyed our roads and farming activities, left lands in despair, and created problems for our vehicles while transporting the necessary items to the community,” said Shera Jan, a village resident and supervisor for the project.  “With the implementation of the project, we are no longer facing the above problems and we hope that more stabilization efforts are made in our village so that we would have a prosperous life.”
Approximately 5,000 people are benefiting from the project, which will play a concrete role in maintaining roads, connecting residents to services in the district center, and ensuring the responsiveness of the Afghan Government and the international community to the needs of the population.  It completed culvert project is positively influencing the community’s perception of the local government and bolstering public trust toward the government’s legitimacy.

Last updated: January 06, 2015

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