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Sughra happily hard at work
Sughra happily hard at work
A young woman overcomes the trauma of bereavement by studying calligraphy and miniature painting
The body needs food to grow but the soul needs art to move on, says Sughra Husseini, remembering how sad and dispirited she felt when both her parents died. She worked through her grief by applying to study calligraphy and miniature painting at the Turquoise Mountain Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture in Kabul. Sughra’s older brother supported her artistic aspirations. Today, she is regarded as one of Afghanistan’s rising young artists.
Later this year, some of her pieces will be exhibited in the UK. The 24-year-old has received a few overseas commissions and sold her work at several important exhibitions in the Afghan capital.
Sughra says it was her training that gave her the skills to succeed. “Studying at the Institute has given me confidence I can do anything I want,” she says.
Of the calligraphy students at Turquoise Mountain Institute 63 percent are female. Sughra says that in the ultimate tribute, she plans to open a business in Kabul that will train young women just like the Institute taught her.

Last updated: January 16, 2015

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