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Consumer-ready packages of dried fruit from Afghanistan
Consumer-ready packages of dried fruit from Afghanistan
USAID funded credit program is supporting the growth of Afghan agriculture
Mr. Ghulam Sarwar is a member of a business family from Herat City in Afghanistan who grew up learning the family trade of buying, drying, packing and exporting dried fruits and nuts.   In 2010 he decided to establish Hariwa Habibzadeh, his own company. Two years later he reached record sales of 40 metric tons of dried fruits and managed to introduce his brand into the Indian market with consumer-ready packages that comply with India’s grades and standards.
The company’s business model was based on cash purchases of fresh fruit in Herat which they processed and sold to buyers in India with credit periods ranging from one week to one month.
"Agricultural credit changed my life and those of 200 families that depend on my company,” – said Ghulam Sarwar, the company owner.
While demand for their products was growing, the company lacked the financial capacity to meet the payment requirements of local suppliers and sell on credit to Indian wholesalers. The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF), a USAID funded activity, provided the company with a loan for US$273,000. This year the company will export 130 metric tons of dry raisins and figs - a hundred metric tons more than last year - with a market value of around $800,000.
This year is looking promising for Hariwa Habibzadeh as they have tripled the size of their business.
The ADF is a wholesale lending institution established through a grant to the Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. USAID’s Agricultural Credit Enhancement Project manages all ADF lending activities in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. By providing financial services to competitive agro-industries, USAID is supporting the growth of Afghan agriculture and contributing to a more stable and prosper society.

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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