Afghan Women Inspire Schoolgirls

The engineering students speak to Sardar Kabuli Girls High School
The engineering students speak to Sardar Kabuli Girls High School
A USAID-funded girls’ school benefits from the wisdom of four female engineering students
Over 600 students at Sardar Kabuli Girls’ High School in Kabul were recently inspired by a talk from four Afghan women engineering students from Kabul University. Sharing their diverse experiences, the speakers focused on how they are achieving their life goals through higher education.
“The first step is not to give up,” urged one engineering student, Muzhda Mehrzad. “Everybody will face some level of problems in different ways, throughout their lives. If education and work-ing are your ultimate goals then you should try to overcome the problems, you should believe that there is always a solution to any problem.”
 Hossai Popolzai, another engineering student, told the students: “We are not here just to encourage you to be an engineer or architect… our goal is that you should find a path in your life and go through it.”
The speakers’ advice resonated with the high school students. Just as recently as 2009, the average Afghan woman could only expect to receive seven years of education. Higher education opportunities for women have increased, thanks in part to USAID’s support, but in order to sustain this progress, it is important for Afghan women encourage each other to pursue education opportunities.
Said Muzhda, on the benefits of higher education: “You will be-come independent, a productive person for the community, able to support your family and contribute to the economic and tech-nological growth of the country.” Following the presentation, at least one student said that she had never considered going to university before, but had changed her mind after she heard the speakers.

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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