Afghan Journalists’ Legacy Preserved

The son of the late Sadim Khan Bahadorzoy accepts a donation from the Journalist Legacy Fund.
The son of the late Sadim Khan Bahadorzoy accepts a donation from the Journalist Legacy Fund.
Nai champions the work of journalists and advances the legal enabling environment for the media industry
Afghanistan remains one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, who despite security threats, work tirelessly to increase access to information and serve their communities.
As a partner of the USAID-funded Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Project (AMDEP) and the premier media training and advocacy organization in Afghanistan, Nai has worked locally to empower independent media through training and advancing the legal enabling environment.
On May 3rd, Nai celebrated World Press Freedom Day by recognizing the work of leading Afghan journalists and launching the Journalist Legacy Fund, a charitable trust to support the families of journalists who have lost their lives and remind Afghans that journalists face intimidation and even death in the exercise of their profession. During the ceremony, a donation was bestowed to the family of the murdered station manager Sadim Khan Bahadorzoy of Radio Melma in the remote Orgun district of war-torn Paktika province. “I am proud that my father was a journalist and even though he lost his life in this way, I feel that I am not alone and my father’s friends [journalists] are with me. They encourage me to follow my father’s path," – said Sadim’s son Najeeb Sadimzoy after receiving a donation from the Journalist Legacy Fund.
Through advocacy efforts, Nai is also increasing local awareness for the media, and solidarity within the media industry. Spearheading the legal review of both the draft media law and access to information law, Nai is serving as the leading voice among the rallying media community. By vocally defending media and conducting robust advocacy campaigns, the Afghan government is incorporating Nai’s legal recommendations and revisions into the draft laws to promote a more legally supportive media environment in Afghanistan.
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Last updated: January 20, 2015

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