From a “word,” to Using Word

Students learning computer skills at DABSKandahar.
Students learning computer skills at DABSKandahar.
Staff at the Afghan utility in Kandahar makes big strides in using computers and English language
The DABS-Kandahar director was very appreciative of the USAID provided computer and English training for his staff.
Economic development in Afghanistan depends on a steady supply of electricity to power businesses and factories, and citizens enjoy a better quality of life when electricity heats and lights their homes and schools. USAID has been working with the Afghan Government to build the capacity of Afghans working in the power sector. In concert with this effort, USAID supports power sector reform and commercialization of the national state-owned utility company, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).
Two USAID projects recently teamed to help develop a workforce at the DABS office that would have modern-day utility operating skills. One project set up the English and computer classrooms and the other provided two instructors.
The instructors, both Kandahar residents, completed three days of condensed training on the methods that had work so successfully at DABS in Kabul. Stressing that most of these adult, full-time employed students were starting with almost no knowledge of English or computers, making progress in both subjects was limited in the beginning because full-time employees have only one hour for class time.
In eleven months of training, students achieved major accomplishment in both subjects. They gained proficiency in Microsoft® Word, Windows, Excel, and PowerPoint and learned to use the internet. The students also learned to read and write English, gaining a basic level of proficiency.
Bashir Ahmad, a manager in the DABS Audit Department and one of the students, said, "Before this computer class we had only heard the word computer. Now we do our work using a computer."
The self-confidence displayed by this group of 38 DABS staff assures their success in the Afghan workplace.

Last updated: January 12, 2015

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