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19-06-2021 07:45

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to address you on an occasion that I hope stays with you for the rest of your lives. I also want to thank the family, loved ones, friends, faculty, and staff who prepared you all for this moment. And a special thanks to Dr. Markides and the leadership at American University of Armenia for the invitation to speak today and for your commitment to our longstanding partnership.

18-06-2021 17:00

And we have with us Ambassador Samantha Power, who is the newly confirmed head of USAID, and a veteran of both the Obama and now the Biden Administrations.  

I'm delighted to be speaking with her today, and we are joined by The Honorable Marc Garneau, who is the Minister for Foreign Affairs from Canada, served as Minister of Transport before that. I think he's been a member of the Canadian Parliament since 2008. 

14-06-2021 15:00

Fundamentally, though, the United States believes that governments everywhere must earn the trust and goodwill of their people. If corruption is allowed to run rampant, if judicial independence is not respected, if anti-corruption institutions are dismantled, as we have seen too often in Honduras, Guatemala, and here in El Salvador, then local governments will end up stymieing the aspirations and the potential of their own people.

11-06-2021 12:30

This is an agency that the taxpayers fund. We have missions in 80 countries, offices with people and staff, about 10,000 people around the world, and programs in about 100 countries, and we do everything from support the education of girls to vaccinating young people, and preventing outbreaks of disease.  We fight climate change, both by helping countries lower their emissions, which is so critical, but also in helping poorer countries adapt, because we know that extreme weather events are going to be with us into the future and they're taking a terrible toll on people. When an emergency strikes, like an earthquake or recently a volcano, we provide support to people who are on the ground, responding, and often it's our planes that are landing first bringing humanitarian relief, while others are waiting to see how things unfold. 

10-06-2021 16:30

Timor-Leste’s fight for independence and strengthening of its own democracy reminds us that by advancing democratic principles around the world, we are not just striving to achieve freedom, rights, and dignity for the individuals within nations, but also to achieve peace and stability among nations.

10-06-2021 15:15

Eliminating the scourge of sexual abuse and exploitation is critical to safeguarding the human dignity of people around the world. It’s been at the center of a lot of my work throughout my career. As a journalist, I’ve interviewed women who experienced rape as a weapon of war in Bosnia and Darfur. As UN Ambassador, I traveled to the Central African Republic and met with families whose daughters were raped by UN peacekeepers and who are left stigmatized and ostracized in their communities.

10-06-2021 13:30

Administrator Power's remarks at the U.S.-EU High Level Roundtable on the Humanitarian Emergency in Tigray.

10-06-2021 09:30

Small businesses are a vital engine for ingenuity and truly inclusive economic development. You bring fresh ideas to the fore, you create jobs and opportunities for local economies, and you contribute locally-grounded expertise that elevates how we work in a wide variety of environments.

09-06-2021 19:00

USAID and DFC have been partners since the OPIC days, but the partnership is much stronger now, so I’m thrilled to help carry that legacy forward in this role. I look forward to our discussion, but I did want to share a few thoughts about how I see DFC and USAID’s partnership growing.

07-06-2021 13:15

Now, despite the progress, none of us are blind to how difficult the circumstances are in the struggle to expand democracy and root out corruption, not just in Ukraine but around the world. Malign actors, like Russia and China, are allying with powerful oligarchs to fight reformists, to twist the law, to rot democracies from within. The incredible gains that have been made over the past several years in Ukraine are under threat. Valuable public investments, as well as deeper integration into European markets and systems are being undermined, limiting the vital opportunities for all Ukrainians to pursue the future they seek.


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