M&E and Learning Plan Budget

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A project level budget for M&E and Learning will often separately identify these components as shown in the example below. Generally speaking the Monitoring and Evaluation components of this budget draw on program funds. Learning activities, on the other hand, may sometimes draw on management funds, according to ADS 201. For this reason, it is important to check with senior staff in the OU for which a MEL Plan budget is being developed before finalizing a MEL budget. The Project MEL and Learning Budget Template on the next page provides you with a template you can use to build your own project M&E and Learning budget following this example.

Project M&E and Learning Budget FY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5 Total
Performance Monitoring Component
Baseline Data Collection            
Performance Data Collection & Analysis            
Data Quality Assessments            
Monitoring Sub-Total            
Performance Evaluation Component
Performance Evaluation: Mid-Project            
Performance Evaluation: Final (End of Project)            
Impact Evaluation (may be multiyear)            
Evaluation Sub-Total            
Learning Component
Describe Learning Activities            
Learning Sub-Total            
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